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Welcome to Creating Golden Times 

We believe that in a world which is changing at a fast pace, it’s important to take the time to educate yourself with leading edge ways to build your emotional, mental and spiritual stamina. Here at the School of Awakening we believe it’s never the size of the problem, it’s always the size of you. 

This is why we have created an annual programme specifically for those who have a desire to access their highest potential, so they can create new times for themselves and the world around them.

The golden age of abundance, joy, prosperity and oneness is returning, and throughout this programme you will have access to advanced concepts and cutting edge conscious teachings which will take you on a journey to access your highest consciousness and live your most authentic self. 

Whether you consider yourself a ‘game changer’ or want to create fundamental shifts in your life, becoming a Golden Times Traveller will lead to you discovering the blueprint that has created the life you are living. Become aware of the deeper reasons why you may be attracting the current events, or experiencing limitations. Learn how to manage your energy so you can feel fulfilled in your personal life and bring the best out in the world around you, aligning you to your highest potential. 

As the game changer of our programmes, CGT includes our most advanced online teachings and audio content, which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. 

The programme includes 4 terms in a year (Love Term, Power Term, Abundance Term and Purpose Term) to provide a full year’s transformational journey.

Each term explores 5 Access Body consciousness classes and 5 linguistic classes giving you access to unique information and tools to raise your awareness and help you communicate differently with all of life. 

Discover More on Our Classes Below:

Access Body Consciousness (ABC)

Immerse in online learning through our Accessing Body’s consciousness classes, where you join our expert facilitators each term for 5 classes where you will be guided in using the omnipotent tool to deepen your understanding about the way in which your body stores information and energy, strengthening your intuition,  and forming a stronger relationship with your body’s energy as you learn how to create new experiences by releasing old patterns and subconscious programmes.  

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Here at the School of Awakening, unlike most schools, we teach you the language of nature, opening your abilities to read the messages of the universe through your own core elements and the language of nature through the use of colours, numbers, symbols and sounds. Exploring the ancient understanding of these languages, you too will harness new ways of connecting to the divine guidance, and expand your ability to perceive and receive messages within and without. 

Symbology (Love Term)

Explore the language of Symbols as a language of love, and discover how to use the ancient meanings of symbols to activate and enhance your communication in relationships. Enhance your expression and communication in love as you explore the meanings behind ancient runic symbols, Hebrew, symbology of tarot within divination and more. 

Karmicology (Power Term)

Through exploring the science of colours you will learn how to understand human nature and human expression through adapting your ability to perceive colours through the language of light. Discover how to enhance the environment you create, empower yourself through foods you eat, raise your energy levels through clothes you wear and treat colours as a way of connecting with the world around you.

Numberology (Abundance Term)

Invite more abundance in your life by harnessing the magic of numbers as you expand your awareness and ability to bend time and reality. Learning the language of numbers will upgrade the way you have been looking at time and will give you a deeper understanding as to how numbers relate to your unique life path, giving you an ability to master your time and  create more abundance in your life.

Soundology (Purpose Term) 

Explore the language of sound, to become aware of how your current sound is creating the life track you are living. Within these classes you will harness the power and purpose of your unique soul signature sound, enhancing your expression and experiencing the sound of joy and love at all levels. Listen in to express yourself with more inspiration, impact, influence and power. 

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  • Maximise your time and potential
  • Activate your inner knowing to make better decisions
  • Harness your ability to manifest at will
  • Experience a shift in consciousness to upgrade the way you relate to life

  • Create more meaningful, harmonious relationships in your personal and work life
  • Learn how to handle failure, standing strong and staying centered in challenging times
  • Connect to a global community of passionate light-minded people who, like you, are exploring and experiencing new ways of being.
  • Invite an abundance of joy and love into your life


The Creating Golden Times programme is only £1000/1 lakh + GST when signing up annually. 
When you join you can choose between a monthly membership for £92 or 9200rs+ GST, or sign up for a one off annual subscription of £1000/1 lakh + GST


This is incredible value as the Portal courses are £400 each for 12 modules, so for £1000 you get all 4 portal courses, 20 access body consciousness classes, all 20 linguistic classes covering all 4 languages, our entire audio library spanning over 300+ meditations, activations and transmissions, a bespoke plan to fit your specific needs based on our unique quizzes and tests, and ongoing support and care from our team no matter where you are in the world.

Our Guarantee:
We’re so confident that you will experience great value from the Creating Golden Times programme, so much so, we are willing to give you a money-back guarantee within the first 14 days if you change your mind. It’s rare to happen but that’s how much we believe you’ll enjoy it.

Join the journey and invest in yourself today. A new life requires a new way of being, so step into Creating Golden times today…

  Annual Membership

VALUE – £3500

One off price £1000

Save £ today 
Monthly Subscription

£92/ 9200rs