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Welcome to Gold Conscious Membership

All of life is relationships. We experience a relationship with our body, with people, with money, with career and so forth. With the world changing at a rapid speed, we believe it’s important to invest time to learn a different way of seeing your relationships, so you can start living a life you love.

Through the Gold conscious membership, you will have a choice to embark on a  quest to experience even more love, power, abundance and purpose in your life. These quests are self paced providing you with keys to unlock higher levels of awareness , and providing you with homeplays to help you track your progress and experience shifts at a cellular level. The Gold conscious membership is our monthly membership which is specifically designed to enhance your relationships by immersing in teachings to empower you by teaching you the language that empowers, inspires and dissolves conflict.

When it comes to looking at our relationships, we are always parenting an area of our life, whether it be: 

Parenting a new business

Parenting our parents

Parenting our inner child or

Parenting our current offspring

Parenting a new life (conscious conceptions)

In the Gold Zone you will find a range of Conscious Parenting Series where you can explore all areas of parenting.

Our extensive and ongoing research has enabled us to support many families and individuals to:

Parenting your parents – for those wanting to improve relationship dynamics between your parents or in-laws.

Parenting your inner child – perhaps you would like to experience that child like innocence again, reignite the dream of your inner child. 

Parenting your offspring – nurture the gifts and talents of your child(ren), learn how to construct an environment that supports their future and propels them forward in life. 

Parenting a new life – whether you are wanting to conceive a child, a business or wanting to rebirth as a new person. Embark on this one of a kind journey that supports you in consciously creating a new life force.

Through this membership we hope you will upgrade the way you experience and nurture your personal and interpersonal relationships, creating healthy boundaries and bringing more harmony into your life. 

Discover More…

When you join today our librarians will create your very own bespoke care plan to match your needs, what you would like to focus on, and guide you to the right tools and processes to get your journey started. 

We feel care goes a long way, so to ensure you stay on track, our care companions will continue connecting throughout your journey, supporting you with accountability, answering your questions and celebrating the breakthroughs! 

You will also gain..

  • Access an extensive range of powerful meditations specifically created to evolve and open your way of thinking to enhance clarity, so you can retain more information and clear any subconscious blocks which may be hindering you.
  • Access an extensive range of healing activations created to shift your  emotional and physical energy at a cellular level, clearing the limitations of past memories, releasing ancestral programmes and increasing your emotional stamina. 
  • Gain exclusive access to our monthly Gold Conscious Chat on the 11th of the month to join your global light-minded passionate community as we check in with monthly progress,  discuss key topics of the month, and experience a powerful transmission to integrate the zodiac of the month.


  • Access to our 24-hour care platform Zoom FLO where you can engage with our team and tune into including live conscious lifestyle shows including a members only daily hour of power for Conscious Cosmic Cleanse show twice a day, everyday. 


  • Join our conscious parenting facilitators around online as we hold online and live events to share key teachings around conscious parenting key areas of life, and gain the benefits from the comfort of your own home.

We’re so confident that you will experience great value from the Gold conscious membership that if you’re not blown away by the content, we are willing to give you a full money-back guarantee during the first 14 days after signing.  

Conscious Cosmic cleanse –
Access 1 hour of power with Conscious Cosmic Cleanse every day and join our facilitators DR EV and Local Alexa for fun interactive classes where you will be guided to cosmically cleansing your chakras, and uplift the environment around you.

These interactive classes run twice a day for 30min each, giving you an opportunity to start and wind down your day in the abundance of gold. So whether you want to gain more clarity in your mind, more creativity in your spirit or more harmony in your emotions, we have the tools to guide you there.


  • Build passionate, long lasting relationships

  • Gain clarity and upliftment in your emotions

  • Feel more joy in your beingness

  • Take more action in your day to day life

  • Enhance your creativity levels

  • Harmonise your relationships and experience more love in your life.

Price: Your Investment 

So start a new way of being today, and experience a life in Gold…

Sign up now for £45/ 4500rs 

Or save £40 today and join our annual programme for £500/50,000rs  

Gold membership can be your monthly investment for you with a small monthly subscription of £45 / 4500 Indian Rupees


Annually £500/50,000 Indian Rupees.